Cancer screening 

Our services for early detection of cancer and prevention

One of the serious diseases is cancer - the uncontrolled proliferation of body cells in one or more organs. This growth can displace the healthy cells or impair their function.

Basically, cancer can occur in people of all ages. However, the risk increases with age. The beginning of the disease or of preliminary stages can be recognized through regular preventive screenings and examinations to early detect cancer. This may make it possible to reduce the extent of the disease, use gentler treatment methods and generally increase the chances of recovery.

For this reason, the statutory health insurance companies in Germany offer their insured persons, depending on their age, different screenings, usually annual, according to the recommendations of the Joint Federal Committee . In our practice, we take preventive measures in accordance with the applicable guidelines for the following types of cancer:

  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Colon cancer

Even if private health insurance companies are not legally obliged to do so, preventive screening are usually included in the service catalog, possibly even to an extended scope.

A supplementary cancer screening raises the standards of the Joint Federal Committee with examinations that are recommended in individual cases with special indications, offer increased security or have not yet been included in the guidelines due to relatively new scientific findings. Examples of such checks are ultrasound examinations of the breast (useful depending on the density of the breast tissue). The examinations of the extended cancer screening are usually paid for by private insurance companies; the statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs.


General: medical history with questions about changes and complaints and, if necessary, further diagnostics based on them.

Cervical cancer
  • Inspection and tactile examination
  • Examination of cell changes - smear from the cervix (PAP smear or ThinPrep), with an individual indication additional HPV test
  • Test for chlamydia (costs covered only up to the age of 25)
Breast cancer
  • Up to 30 years: No screening examinations provided by the statutory health insurances
  • From 30 years: Tactile examination of the breast
  • If indicated: mammography
Colon cancer
  • No general screening required
  • Further diagnostics only for individual indications
Supplmentary Examinations

Not paid by statutory health insurances, charged individually (IGeL), usually included in the service catalog of private health insurances

  • HPV test
  • Ultrasound of the internal genital
  • Tactile and ultrasound examination of the breast

* as of January 2020.