Recovery after pregnancy and training of the pelvic floor by a qualified physiotherapist

Dear patients,

Since April 2019 we have been able to expand our offers: Ms. Ramona Weigert is a qualified physiotherapist and has been working as a freelancer since the birth of her son. In the practice's course room, she offers courses on post-pregnancy recovery and training of the pelvic floor.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is essential, especially after pregnancy (regression), in order to prevent later incontinence. But training the pelvic floor is also a useful therapeutic measure in the case of abdominal pain, lowering of the uterus or existing incontinence. Ms. Weigert's courses are open to anyone interested. She is working as an independent therapist and the courses are not limited to patients of Dr. Möller*.

Content of the courses

The courses on post-pregnancy recovery have the following goals and content:

  • Promote muscle building
  • Strengthening and stabilizing the back, stomach and pelvic floor
  • Exercises for body awareness and relaxation
  • Positive increase in performance of the entire body (get fit again!)
  • Practicing ergonomic movements for everyday life
  • Exchange of experiences with other moms
  • Exercises for home

The courses for training the pelvic floor are aimed at women of all ages for prevention, including during menopause. It is intended as a continuation of the post-pregnancy courses, as a specific training to compensate unbalanced professional activity or to support sports that stress the pelvis floor.

  • Theoretical introduction to the anatomy of the pelvic floor
  • Perception & awareness
  • Strengthening & targeted relaxation
  • Exercises for at home and in everyday situations
  • Special exercises for the veins (venous pumps)
  • Learning preventive behavior for moving, lifting and carrying in a pelvic floor-friendly manner

You can find more specific information on the homepage of Ramona Weigert.


Initially, the patient has to pay the the costs for the offered courses as a private medical service. However, since later illnesses can be effectively prevented through training, most statutory health insurance companies cover the costs for the corresponding courses. Even with privately insured persons, the services offered may be included in the scope of insurance depending on the tariff selected. Please ask your health insurance company whether and to what extent they will cover the costs.


The exact course dates can be found directly at The courses take place in the course room next to the practice. For booking a course, please contact Ms. Weigert or book online. A booking in the practice is not possible.

* Please note that Ms. Weigert is self-employed. An independent contractual and therapeutic relationship is created. The treatment will also be billed to the health insurance company or to you directly by Ramona Weigert Physiotherapy. If you authorize us to do so, the practice team and the physiotherapist will coordinate closely with each other as part of the cooperation.

Ramona Weigert Physiotherapie

Ramona Weigert Rückbildung und Beckenboden
Ramona Weigert R. Weigert // Own picture

About me

  • Ramona Weigert, 29 years old
  • Training as a physiotherapist from 2009 to 2012 in Ingolstadt, state examination in 2012
  • Worked as a physiotherapist at the Ludwig Maximilian University Clinic from 2012 to 2017
  • Since 2018 freelance physiotherapist, trainer and nutritionist