Main focus of the gynecological practice Dr. Möller - Gynecologist's office in the heart of Munich

I am happy to provide women of all ages with comprehensive advice on minor complaints and serious illnesses in my practice in the heart of Munich, directly at the Stachus. The basis for this, both for general gynecology and for specific questions, is a careful examination and assessment of the patient's situation. In addition, modern devices and laboratory tests help to draw up a selection of therapy proposals.

In our practice, we feel committed to modern, honest and individual medicine: Modern means that we use new devices and procedures and keep our knowledge up-to-date through regular training. Honest medicine is a treatment based on what is necessary. In addition, it is independent of the insured status of our patients. Individual care meets the wishes of the patients. That's why we aim, e.g. in family planning and birth control, at finding individual solutions that meet the respective living situation.

general gynecology

By "general gynecology" we mean all the minor and major complaints that can occur in the typical gynecological organs and which we do not deal with on a separate page on this homepage. Nevertheless, these are important and also take up a lot of space in everyday life in a gynecological practice. We help you e.g. at

  • Complaints with bladder function (urinary tract infections, incontinence, subsidence)
  • Cycle / bleeding disorders
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Vaginal infections (e.g. from fungi, bacteria or herpes viruses)
  • Changes in the uterus (fibroids, endometriosis)
  • Chest discomfort (cysts, mastopathy)
  • Lower abdominal pain
Focus areas

You will find in-depth information on some topics on this homepage:


You have acute complaints, e.g. bleeding or severe pain? This is particularly common in general gynecology. Then, of course, we are available for existing patients without having a scheduled appointment during our office hours, but there may be waiting times. To keep this as short as possible, please call in advance. If we are not available, you will find emergency services and representatives here >>.

Allgemeine Gynäkologie
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