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Dear patients,

it is often not that easy to get pregnant. Almost everyone knows couples in their circle of friends and acquaintances with such difficulties. The unfulfilled desire to have children or the worry that being too old at some point in time may lead to enormous pressure for many patients. In fact, only around 5% of all couples in Germany remain unintentionally childless. Often, a conversation in our practice helps to make better use of possible treatments or to identify existing problems.

Planned pregnancy

If you wish to have children, it is of course possible to let the "normal" development take its course. However, there are preparing examinations in advance or should be carried out for special indications. In addition, depending on the individual situation, recommendations regarding an individual diet or lifestyle that increase the probability of a natural pregnancy or reduce specific risks. Please contact us! In addition to general advice, we offer:

Reasons for unfulfilled desire to have children

The probability of getting pregnant per cycle is under optimal conditions around 20%, depending on age. Many patients are already worried if they do not become pregnant in the first 6 months. However, according to the definition, this is still not "sterility". Statistically, even under optimal conditions, it takes 4 cycles to have a greater than 50% chance of getting pregnant. After 7 months the probability is around 80%. And even after 11 cycles, from a purely statistical point of view, conception still does not occur in 10% of cases - all of this is still considered under optimal conditions.

The reasons why a pregnancy does not occur can be very diverse - the example above shows the influence of mathematical probability alone. Of course, there are also physical causes that prevent pregnancy. Examples are

  • anatomical changes in the uterus (bicornuate uterus, duplex uterus)
  • Infections of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries or vagina
  • Diseases of the internal genitals such as Endometriosis
  • hormonal causes (cycle disorders, PCO, thyroid problems, ...)
  • decreased fertility of the partner
Fertility Services
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Possible treatments

A thorough diagnosis is therefore very important for the treatment of unwanted childlessness. If the causes are known, in most cases targeted treatment can significantly increase the likelihood of a successful natural pregnancy. The corresponding treatments are just as diverse as the causes of childlessness - some of the procedures we offer are listed below. In any case, the basis is a comprehensive individual examination and advice!

We also cooperate with several partners. Based on the knowledge gained with the diagnostics in our practice, further specialized examinations or treatments may be carried out - and we will then hopefully provide you with medical support during your pregnancy.

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