Kinesio Tape Therapy

Support during pregnancy

As an active athlete or just a spectator of major competitions, you may have noticed the colored adhesive strips that some athletes stick on their bodies, the so-called kinesio tape. This goes back to a process developed in Japan in which elastic "tapes" are applied  to the skin. Through the position and shape of the tapes, muscle groups can be specifically supported or activated. In addition, Kinesio taping can relieve the connective tissue. The air-permeable, elastic adhesive strips stay on the skin for up to a week (even when showering or exercising).

Use of Kinesio Tape in gynecology

In gynecology, typical useful applications especially appear during and after pregnancy:

  • Support of the abdomen, alleviation of bad posture and tension
  • Swelling of the legs
  • Tension in the neck muscles after delivery
  • Posture correction
  • Support in regression of the abdominal muscles

We are be happy to discuss with you whether a Kinesio tape therapy can be useful for your specific case. Depending on the therapy, the application takes about 10-20 minutes.


Basically, Kinesio Tape Therapy is a an individual health service that must be paid by the patient himself. Depending on the application, duration and material consumption, the costs are between 10 and 30 EUR per treatment including material. Some private health insurers cover this kind of therapy. Some statutory health insurances subsidize the treatment, so it makes sense to ask your health insurer.

When and how often can treatment take place?

Even if some athletes use kinesio tapes to improve their performance, treatment in gynecology is purely symptom-oriented. This means that it is used for specific complaints and not prophylactically. Since the tapes remain on the skin for up to a week and the typical symptoms increase over time, it can be useful to use them every 2-4 weeks.

Kinesio Tape Therapy is not suitable in case of open wounds, known intolerance to adhesives on the skin, skin diseases or irritations.

You are welcome to make an appointment by phone. In most cases it is also possible to be treated with short waiting times on the fringes of a regular visit without prior notice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make an online appointment for Kinesio Tape Therapy. 

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