Implanon NXT

Long-term contraception with the hormone implant Implanon

One method of long-term hormonal contraception is to insert a contraceptive implant. In Germany it is sold under the name Implanon NXT, in other countries Nexplanon. It is a plastic rod about the size of a match that is placed under the skin of the upper arm. It is a very safe, hormonal contraceptive method. The correct application is very important. If you want long-term contraception with Implanon, then Dr. Möller is qualified to insert the contraceptive "rod" in Munich.  As with all hormone-based procedures, there are risks and contraindications preventing usage of Implanon. This will be discussed with you in a counseling session. Alternatively, hormone-free contraceptive methods or other hormonally active products can be used. You can also find an overview of all contraceptive methods on our homepage. You can also watch a short hormone implant summary video.

How does the hormone implant work?

The hormone implant is placed directly under the skin of the upper arm and remains there for about 3 years. Implanon NXT releases Etonolgestrel and basically acts like a mini pill with the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. However, there are fewer errors in use: there is no need to think about regular intake and vomiting or diarrhea do not affect the contraceptional effect.

Langzeitverhütung mit Implanon
Implanon NXT courtesy of MSD SHARP & DOHME GmbH



Before the insertion, a consultation is required to clarify whether the patient has specific risk factors that conflict with the use of Implanon NXT or etonogestrel-based contraceptive products.

The insertion itself is carried out under local anesthesia using a special applicator. The position of the rod is then checked using ultrasound. The cut where the implant was placed under the skin is approx. 2 mm long. Due to the small incision size, no scars remain with normal healing.

Implanon is effective for around 3 years. Then the rod is removed under local anesthesia using special pliers. In rare cases or with a strong weight gain, the implant can "wander". In this case, the removal must be done surgically.


How it works
The contraceptive implant is a small plastic rod and contains a depot with etonogestrel, which mainly inhibits ovulation. The implant is inserted under the skin on the inner aspect of the upper arm. The implant lasts for three years at which point it has to be removed or can be replaced by the gynecologist if desired.
Very effective contraception over a long period of time. No estrogen deficiency that endangers bone health.
Side effects
Bleeding disorders, weight gain can occur. "Walking" of the stick inwards when weight increases with the resulting difficult removal is possible.
Very high effectiveness with a Pearl-Index of 0.1.

Certificate Implanon NXT
Certificate Deposit and removal training Implanon NXT Eigene Darstellung

Contraceptive Implanon Munich
Contraception with Implanon // kieferpix

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